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Wipeout Wing - Essentials Kit

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Der bekannte Wipeout Nurflügler von Happy Flyers.

Wipeout Wing - Essentials Kit

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We spent all our knowledge, time and love into this wing because we wanted something that holds our high requirements - something perfect - something that was not available until now!


This one is if only the best is just good enough - this one is an enthusiast platform!


Our Wipeout combines everything that is important for a FPV wing: long flying durations, very high speed flying but also slow flying is possible, extreme durable and near indestructible, flying characteristics as never seen before and a compact size.

The kit is also very friendly to all the customers out there which want to use their own approved FPV equipment or nothing at all.



Flight performance:

Flight duration max: up to 80 minutes
Flight duration average: 30-45 minutes
Speed max (9x5 fold-prop): approx. 110 km/h
Speed max (8x7 fold-prop): approx. 140 km/h
Range max: depends on your RC and / or FPV equipment
Altitude max: same as above




Material: EPP
Wing span: 912 mm
Wing area: 26.75 dm2
Total up max weight: 1.1 - 1.3 Kg
Total up min weight: 0.6 - 0.8 Kg


Kit contains:

- 1x Foam (two-part)
   Complete pre-cutted for all fibre tubes and rods, servos, motormount and prop
- 2x Servo well cover (EPP)
- 2x Winglets Coroplast
- 2x Elevons complete pre-cutted
- 2x Rudder horns (extreme stable 2mm fibre)
- 1x Motor mount, 4 parts (extreme stable plywood)
- 1x Battery mount (plywood)
- 1x 8mm Fiber tube (33 cm)
- 1x 6mm Fiber tube (25 cm)
- 4x 3mm Fiber rod (50 cm)
- 2m Laminating foil

Recommended parts:

Motor: AXI 2217/12 1380kV (more efficient 3s)
ESC: Castle Talon-35
Servos: Graupner DES 658 BB MG
Prop: 9x5 Fold Prop / 8x7 Fold Prop for speed flying
Batteries: 2x 3s 2400mAh - 2800mAh 20C LiPo


FPV Equipment and RC Control: up to you!


Lieferzeit 3-14 Tage


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